We have skilled programmers that are very able to write reliable web applications. Whatever your needs may be for a custom application or a modification of a current script-driven site, we have the skills to successfully solve the problem at hand.

Web Applications Services:

Custom PHP Scripts
mySQL Database Integration
Postgre Database Integration
Other Database Systems
Most CGI script maintenance
Much More...
For writing new scripts, we almost always choose and recommend to develop in PHP as it is a faster processing language than ASP or Perl (CGI), it has superior memory management, it is an Object-Oriented language, it's free and widely available by most ISPs and it is a very popular with an ever-expanding community. Coupled with MySQL database, PHP is a wonderful solution for most web sites as they are both tightly integrated and therefore very fast.

We have a vast library of our own, previously written scripts that will solve many web application needs therefore we can usually solve your problem faster and cheaper.

Some of the custom scripts that we have written are:
  Website and Usage Statistics Reporting
  Payment Processor Integration and Administration
  Shipping Service Integration and Administration
  Content Management Systems
  Password and Group Authentication with Permissions
  E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  Automated Mailing Systems
  Online File Management
  Online Picture Management
  Product Catalogs
  and much more!

The way we choose to write most scripts is to centralize all the code into specific PHP object components (using object-oriented programming) making the final product a lot easier to maintain and grow once itís finished. We focus on the quality of the job done so that in the end we may offer a very-reliable and scalable product. Many web design firms write the required code right into the web pages, repeating it everywhere that itís needed, making the website very tough and time-consuming to later modify, grow and properly debug. Many times customers and other web-design firms come to us to fix the resulting problems that come up because of inexperienced programmers.
It is wise to ensure that you do not need to have a job done twice and pay for it twice.

Of course, you may need to have a current script modified or fixed, and we have the skill to modify and write PHP, ASP and Perl scripts. Whatever your Web Application needs may be, be certain that we can do it and do it extremely well.

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