An important aspect of our services is Professional Consulting which we automatically provide as a first step of any web site project. Once we gather all of the information about your desires and goals, we will take the time to fully understand how your business functions. Then we may even suggest solutions that the internet can facilitate in some of your business that you might not have considered. Our communications are always catered to our clients as some may not be familiar with all the technical jargon. We will make sure that you understand everything about the project.

Consulting Services:

Web Solutions
Network Solutions
Software Solutions
Once all the information has been documented, we will provide you with a proposal for your project. The proposal may contain elements such as:

  Rough Drafts of Your New Website
  Detailed Pricing
  Suggestions for Various Phases of Your Site
  References From Our Clients

Once you accept our proposal, your assigned consultant will become your project manager. This ensures that you will communicate to the same person and guarantees consistency. The project manager will oversee the development of your new web site and communicate to you the current progress. The project manager will always be there for you to convey your ideas about the current state of the project. All this ensures that your project will be on time and will be to your 100% satisfaction.

Besides Web Solutions consulting, we also provide consulting services for Network and Software solutions. If you need to setup a local area network at your office or need to access files of servers over the internet, we can help. Our specific consultants can also help you with figuring out your software and custom software needs.

Contact Us, and you will not be disappointed.

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